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Oct 7, 2021

For: Legacy of lies

Great Series.

Great legal thriller. Start with “The Professor,” the first in the series. Author is similar to John Grisham.

Published by: Patron298616

Oct 7, 2021

For: Between black and white

Outstanding Series

Loved this series. Robert Bailey is a great legal thriller author. If you like John Grisham, you’ll love this book. Start with “The Professor,” the first in the series.

Published by: Patron298616

Sep 30, 2021

For: Twins


The book is written by mothers of twins, One of whom, Carol Cooper, is also a Family Physician by specialty. She and her co-author Katy Hymas had written this book "Twins" for expectant mothers and their husbands (or partners) It is very detailed, precise, well-documented, step by step and totally explained choices that the mother of twins can (or not advised) to choose while pregnant. And photographs and illustrative charts are in abundance ! I highly recommend this work to any expecting mother !

Published by: Wellread111

Sep 26, 2021

For: The Gutfeld Monologues : Classic Rants from the Fi...


I like to watch the "Gutfeld" show daily very much. His manner of speech is sharp. witty, right to the point and hilarious ! And SHORT - which is most important of all... He also chooses (most of the time) great guests to compliment his show. But writing a book of Satire or Humor is a very different matter: and is Very difficult to achieve a passing grade and/or to amuse your audience ! This book is too talkative, with many repetitions and basically with nothing new that we, as a readers, do not already know. I would recommend to keep watching Greg Gutfeld show, but Not this book.

Published by: Wellread111

Sep 14, 2021

For: One and Only Sparkella


Great story about teaching kids to be themselves. Sparkella was not happy trying to be like everyone else. I try to teach the same lesson to my granddaughter when it comes to dressing.

Published by: Alysia2

Sep 10, 2021

For: Dad's guide to twins

Very Helpful, and not just to Dads.

Good observations by the Author-and the dad of 4 (Four). Clever advice on many fronts especially- buying tips for Twins. And how to be home-prepared for the new arrival. And to Prepare your other children, as well. Some info re: C-Cesarean section births here in book referred to here is Only needed if babies (baby) in Breech position. That's Not Correct: also when mom has a narrow hips or other organs standing on the way of vaginal birth. Negative is that there are so many grammatical errors, that it disgusted me (I am picky in that regard). But the Guide is well-worth reading it and have at home.

Published by: Wellread111

Sep 4, 2021

For: Promising young woman

Promising young woman

Really enjoyed this movie. I found it to be different from movies of this nature. The ending was a real surprise!

Published by: missrette

Aug 29, 2021

For: Finding ashley

Looking for Ashley while loosing sight of Hattie...

The story is just that, precisely. One cannot be in two places at the same time. And author (Danielle Steel) here loses one main character- Hattie in lieu of the other- Melissa. She should've dedicated separate story for each of them.

Published by: Wellread111

Aug 27, 2021

For: The courier

Spy Thriller

An old-fashioned period spy thriller based on true events. Well acted and crafted film.

Published by: Read_It

Aug 24, 2021

For: Don't hassel the Hoff

Great Title

Tuesday, August 24, 2021--5:57 pm I'm still reading the book. I think the book is a very good book. I would recommend this book to my friends and family if they are fans of David Hassselhoff. I would recommend the book to any fans of David Hasselhoff. Terry Marvin

Published by: Terry_Lynn_Marvin