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May 15, 2024

For: The stress prescription

Much Ado about Nothing....or Lecture on obvious .

This little essay is type of the lecturing material for the ... young kids. It repeats the obvious: that Being rich, healthy and young is great, and that it is a sin to be Poor, sick and unhappy... Lecturing and patronising are the author's only achievements s here. And that's it ! No professional advice ,nor "street wisdom" offered by Ms. Elissa Epel. Rather, just childish "prescription" on how to change your view on things. Samples of the made-up characters' tales are lacking any probability of taking place in reality (past or present) and true chance of happening in Past (1950s ) or present life anywhere: here in US or in any foreign country... Just a waste of hope and relativity for those who are elderly and need the adult voice of reason or some professional advice or acknowledgment of facts. I do not recommend this to anyone.

Published by: Wellread111

May 15, 2024

For: Omerta


This small paperback is IN THE FOREIGN (Non-English !) Language ! Beware. The source didn't bother to Mention that it is, in Fact, - !French language materials. Dated 2000.

Published by: Wellread111

May 14, 2024

For: Thomas Jefferson and the Tripoli Pirates

Thomas Jefferson and Tripoli Muslim Pirates. The History of.

An interesting thesis, but unfortunately, language used is pretty limited, literally speaking. Which is a shame. Because the desire and feelings are here, as the passion - too. .. It's just a shame, that the American English language is so not well used. In most cases !

Published by: Wellread111

May 11, 2024

For: All about your eyes

All about your eyes !

A great easy-to-read book. For all readers: young and old; whether you have absolutely healthy eyes or have different eye-related illnesses: inherited or acquired throughout the life of intelligent, cultural and societal changes and experiences... A clear informative explanations for any eye and body-relevant physical and psychiatrical conditions of the human body, since birth to the old age. I appreciate this edition very much: it's relevant and helpful. Without being mystical or threatening.

Published by: Wellread111

May 11, 2024


Navigating resources for your Aging/Old parents.

This work seemed to promising from the words of the author, but her sources turned out to be Non-Existing in reality ! I was so energized and hopeful to find some reliable state or government places/sources that could help relieve some physical and social difficulties for aged senior citizens with progressive debilitating illnesses relying on the sources given in the book, but None of them are existent or available to people with Medicare, in Reality. So the book is the myth. Do not rely on it.

Published by: Wellread111

May 6, 2024

For: Toxic in laws loving strategies for protecting you...

Toxic opinion on families' in-laws.

It's a narrative that attacks all families-in-law. A very limited and one-sided opinion of one woman, and is not based on true stories. Just on negative cases, which happen, of course, but are not the rule. A poisoning and sad "guide" to new married families, very one-sided and not substantiated. I do not recommend it. To any parent or an adult child.

Published by: Wellread111

May 4, 2024

For: Government Gangsters

Government Gangsters...

Old and new. The book brings in mostly the well-known facts regarding so-called "Russiangate" analysis and new "happenings" of the same type of attacks against one of the two US parties in fight for the Americans' heart and pocket voters. Besides repetition of the well-understood past and not so eloquent writing ability, the story deserves attention.

Published by: Wellread111

May 1, 2024

For: Baby love : healthy, easy, delicious meals for you...

Baby love: easy delicious meals for babies.

It's a mediocre cookbook for new parents, with some lovely family photos from the family of Norah O'Donnell-the oncor host on CBS channel. There are no innovations or interesting new recipes for babies up to the age of 6-18 months. What had unpleasantly surprised me by these authors, is that their book was assembled and printed in China, and not in United States for some reason and Not on the Acid-free paper, either. As a result, the book is literally impossible to hold in hands and read it, because it smells so horrible !

Published by: Wellread111

Apr 28, 2024

For: Diagnosis and treatment of chronic fatigue syndrom...

Chronic Fatigue...

A wonderful helpful and detailed work for Doctors and educated by their own struggles and pain patients who had not been diagnosed nor helped. Great level of comprehension of all the challenges for suffering patients go through and ways to elevate them, presented in this gentle, super-intelligent straight-forward book. I highly recommend this work to professionals and patients alike !

Published by: Wellread111

Apr 20, 2024


The Day After

I gave a five star because it was well displayed, but I found it very upsetting because this movie came out in 2018 and now in 2024 the world is in turmoil again and this could very much become a reality. Very upsetting and something to really think about if this should happen!! Why can't we all just get along!

Published by: missrette