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Feb 26, 2016

For: Cometh the Hour

Cometh the Hour

Another great book by my favorite writer, Jeffrey Archer and Book 6 of the Clifton Chronicles. This one is the best of the 6 books and one I could not put down. I am going to hate seeing the series end with Book 7 in November. Jeffrey Archer is a brilliant writer and I have loved them all. Kane and Abel was my first and after reading it, I started searching all of his books and have read them all up to this latest one. You will not be disappointed with Cometh the Hour.

Published by: Mizannie

May 29, 2012

For: The four agreements : a practical guide to persona...

Indeed, Life Changing

I actually gave my only copy to a friend and now I am checking it out and making my daughter read it. Although the rules are nothing new, they are things that we tend to forget because we get caught up in the "daily life" that slowly kills us and our dreams. This book reminds me that I can only control myself and no one else; however, if I allow it, I can give up my own power to someone else (even scarier to think a complete stranger). I highly recommend it! You will have nothing to lose but all [XBR] those negative thoughts and agreements that have cluttered your life!

Published by: SecretReader

Aug 20, 2012

For: Shadow of night

Shadow of Night

Anyone who has read A Discovery of Witches will absolutely not be disappointed in this second book in a trilogy by Deborah Harkness. I think it is better than the first book. Now, how long before the third book is available? I can't wait! Would I recommend....YES YES YES!!!

Published by: kr

May 9, 2017

For: Golden Prey

Top 5 of the Prey Series

This book is fast paced. He uses a lot of modern technology and one of the settings is Dallas, TX. If you are a fan, you should love this book.

Published by: WarriorChik

Jun 30, 2016

For: The Cavendon Women

The Cavendon Women

Book 2 of the Cavendon Chronicles and this one is a real goodie. Be sure to read all three of The Cavendon Chronicles by adding them to your summer reads!

Published by: Mizannie

Jan 25, 2016

For: Blue


The story of Blue is wonderful and well worth reading.

Published by: Mizannie

Dec 29, 2016

For: Rules of civility : a novel

Glamorous Manhattan

Manhattan in 1930s; Jazz, martinis, dancing, romance. Beautiful writing about serious subjects of relationships, chance, and choices. Gives a great feel for 1930s NYC. Surprising turn of events. References to literature and music makes for an interesting read. Serious but fun. Loved it.

Published by: lindaj

Aug 2, 2013

For: Jack Reacher's Rules

Jack Reacher's Rules

For a fan of Jack Reacher, this book is worthless. Use the time to actually read a (different) Jack Reacher novel. I think Child used this book to piggy-back on the (terrible) Jack Reacher movie with Tom Cruise. Reacher should have been played by someone like Tom Selleck

Published by: Donger

Sep 12, 2017

For: The reporter who knew too much


It's very hard to truly learn about the life and work of Mrs. Dorothy Kilgallen from this attempt by Mark Shaw. He says multiple times, that as a reporter Mrs. Kilgallen was highly influential, yet there is no one example demonstrating that: yes, she posted many controversial articles concerning hot questionable trials of her time, but I did not see that the courts ever reversed their decisions because of her voiced opinion by submission of unknown to public facts... So how is it that her work, opinion and written word altered the crimes commited (perhaps) in courts ? While being not happily married, Dorothy had other men in her life; and it's possible that someone in that category could be blamed for her sudden uninvestigated death. But to cling to the dirty and gruesome gossip as the author does here, is beyond low and totally unnecessary ! This account [XBR] is very long and poorly written. Author tends to start some interesting questions, then drops the answers, and that's the pattern throughout the book...Writing style is if it's written by a semi-illiterate person of foreign nature-who perhaps knows his own country's language, but not English. The book is also full of grammatical errors and neglects the punctuaction signs. It's very hard to understand. You have to labor to glean some grains of importance. Not engaging or a passionate read.

Published by: welleducated